Sunday, June 20, 2010

Swatches – claire’s neons

I love neon nail polish. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, wearing neons just cheers me up. I bought this particular set some time ago, but what with getting the Poolside Collection I didn’t get around to swatching it for a bit.

This post is so image-heavy that I put it under a cut, so click on the link to see the shiny.

All polishes were swatched over a white base. For every colour you’ll see one photo in two coats without top coat (flash) and two photos in three coats with top coat (flash and under a ‘natural spectrum’ lamp without flash).

claire’s neon setdark pink

This is, in my opinion, the worst of the bunch. Though the colour itself is pretty, a dark pink crème, it’s also incredibly sheer and streaky. And nowhere near neon. This should really be a neon blue, which is sadly missing in this set.


claire’s neon setgreen

I really like this one, it’s an acidic lime green neon crème. It applies much more smoothly than the dark pink polish and barely shows streaks. I would have liked a darker green, too, but I definitely don’t have anything like this colour.


claire’s neon setlight pink

Now how is that supposed to be a neon? It’s extremely shimmery, on the verge of pearl in fact and it has the brush marks to prove it. I totally messed up my index finger when I applied the third coat, sorry for that ugly blighter.


claire’s neon setorange

This one is gorgeous. It’s barely a neon, and a shimmery one at that, but it retains some warmth and that’s why it’s such a great shade of orange. As you can see this polish applies smoothly and mostly free of streaks.


claire’s neon setyellow

The third and last shimmery polish in this set is a delightful yellow, it’s not as retina-searing as other neon yellows, but still cheerful . It applies just like the orange polish, quite nicely indeed.


The good: € 2 per bottle is a very good price in Europe and I don’t recall seeing any other neon nail polish locally at all. I like most colours and four of the five apply well. The round brushes are are quite useable.

The bad: Three of the five polishes are shimmery, which is just too much, I wouldn’t actually classify the pinks as neon and the orange polish barely slips into that category. Also, the drying time isn’t great.

Overall, this set is a cheap alternative to other brands, the whole thing cost € 9,95 which is ridiculously inexpensive, but it can’t really compare to China Glaze’s Poolside Collection. If you’re interested and based in Europe, I noticed the set still being available last week.

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