Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Flakies Project - Part Two

So the project continues, this time I have three blues as base colours and as expected, the darkest looks amazing and on the lightest the flakies barely show up. So much so that my camera refused to focus properly. (Yeah, I shamelessly blame my trusty Canon.)

For the line-up of flakies, their descriptions, and to see them swatched without coloured bases please visit the first post of my Flakies Project.

on essence fall for me:

on Catrice Blue Cara Ciao:

on essence midnight rocker:

Even though it’s obvious that light colours make for underwhelming bases, I’ll still keep swatching one per colour family for completeness’ sake. They are pretty enough and the flakies do show up, they just don’t stand out that much and they photograph very poorly. So don’t let the rather meh photos discourage you if you’re thinking about layering flakies over your classic French manicure or something.

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