Thursday, November 10, 2011

NotD - A Matte Deep Blue? Who’d Have Thunk?

*taps screen* Anyone out there? Good.
I’m trying to ease back into blogging, I got out of the habit of typing as my coats of polish dry and it’s really hard to get back into it. As I mentioned before I haven’t done a lot of crazy nails recently, today’s not different.
I finally remembered to pick up a bottle of essence’s soft touch top coat, and I happened to also get this amazing blue…

ArtDeco Ceramic Nail Lacquer 123 is a divine deep blue, slightly inky and muted. Just my cup of tea, right? It’s not blackened at all, by the way. And it’s a two-coater, they’re not that rare any more, but it’s always nice to find an effortless one.
Actually, if there hadn’t been a bit of streakiness, this polish would have worked in one coat, but I always prefer two effortless coats to one finicky coat. They take about the same time to apply and you can watch a movie or something as you paint. Other than the first streaky coat: perfection. 123 has just the right viscosity, levels nicely, it just works. The Ceramic line tends to do that.
So: highly recommended. Especially if you like to wear seasonal colours you’ll love this for winter.

This is ArtDeco Ceramic Nail Lacquer 123 in two coats with top coat:

I adore dark polishes with matte top coat, so I just tried out the soft touch top coat over 123. It doesn’t quite like the soft touch finish from the black & white trend edition, but it certainly is pretty. I definitely have to do a proper side-by-side comparison with essence matt top coat. They seem to be different, but I can’t be certain until I see them next to each other on a real nail.

So here’s ArtDeco Ceramic Nail Lacquer 123 in two coats with essence nail art special effect! topper 07 soft touch:

Are you reaching for wintery colours already?

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