Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I’ve Been Doing With My Time

I find it easy to find diversions; I read a lot, I cook every day, and I enjoy fibre arts. Sadly, the last one doesn’t mesh well with nail polish. ^_^

Anyway the following image should clear up what exactly I’ve been up to for part of my time away from my blog. (In between feeling rather poorly. Bleh.)


Secondly, a poll about comments (which will hopefully work, the preview doesn’t). I’m told that many people won’t use Intense Debate or Disqus, so I’m considering switching back to Blogger’s own comment system. Also, ID doesn’t work with the mobile layout, which really bugs me, ‘cause all comments published there are invisible on the normal pages.
The major downside to switching is that I can’t import ID comments, so they’d languish in an unusable export file.

Coming up soon: a horrible, awful nail art fail.

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