Friday, March 2, 2012

A Glossybox Ranty Rant

The following applies only to the Austrian glossybox, I do not have any information about other countries. After dithering over whether to post this or not for quite a while I decided that I should do so. It’s a disgrace and that needs to be said.
There is some swearing in the following paragraphs and since I usually keep this blog fairly clean I guess a warning is appropriate. Consider yourselves warned.

I was going to do a double-glossybox review this month because I skipped the January edition during my prolonged funk, but I will no longer review them or any following boxes. Yesterday (March 1st 2012) I received a newsletter - as did, presumably, every customer - stating that as of this month new customers would not pay € 10 + 1.99 p&p, instead they get to pay € 14 + 3,95 p&p.
Supposedly because postage and packaging materials are more expensive now, which I sort of can accept, but the point where I cry bullshit is the reasoning that the ‘magazine’ on their website is being expanded and that is oh so expensive.
Seriously? It’s a blog and you have about two posts per month so far. And I highly doubt that your customers are all that interested in having more of that.

I could live with them increasing the price a little, but from € 12 to 18? That’s a 50% price increase after just three months.
Pardon my Klatchian, but I feel the need to say fuck you.

So in conclusion: CAVEAT EMPTOR! I won’t tell you whether you should subscribe; that’s your decision. I felt that € 12 were acceptable, 18 not so much. But I need not worry, because all previous subscribers will still pay the old price. That makes it all perfectly fine, doesn’t it?

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