Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NotD - Another Multicoloured Dotty Thing

Hmm, I wonder if all my ‘use old random piccies for a lazy blog post’ NotDs are going to be named Something Things.
This one happened to celebrate that I got twenty new tubes of acrylic paint. Some colours I already had, but there was a hot pink, and purples, all of which are a paint or impossible to mix. Good Excuse Dance Time! `o/ _oI \o/ ,o, o//

Same issues apply as in my previous post, my memories are kinda hazy. I presumably used OPI Nail Envy and Seche Vite, plus some clear polish or cheapie top coat between the acrylic paint and final layer of top coat. The base colour was Misslyn 567 Neverland in two coats. All photos are tweaked to un-blue Neverland. The yellow definitely looked less neon IRL.
Neverland (the number is on the cap in huge print, the name can be found on the back of the bottle in tiny letters *eyeroll*) is a pretty pastel minty green crème, a two-coater as far as I can recall. Nothing stands out in re application.

This is Neverland in two coats with top coat:

I wanted to try out my new acrylic paint, so all of these are unmixed and straight from the tube, applied with a dotting tool. Then I added some clear polish or top coat so the following coat of Seche Vite had something to grip onto.

So many unswatched polishes lying around… how will I ever wear them all?


FlyersRights Kate Hanni said...

Where do you purchase the P2 Color Victim nail polishes?

cucumpear said...

I usually buy p2 here in Vienna, at Palmers on Rotenturmstraße, or on amazon.de if I don't need to look at the items first.

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