Saturday, July 7, 2012

Swatches - Manhattan Rocktopia 4 & 5

Holy heat wave. I still  feel like I’m made of sweat and not much else. Thus: more swatches.
I picked up a couple of Manhattan’s Rocktopia polishes about a week ago. I even remembered to look up the shade names. Print them on the bottles please?

Manhattan Rocktopia 4 Rock the Grass

Rock the Grass is a fairly light green crème. This shade changes quite a lot depending on the light, from a fresh apple green to a faintly dirty, pale, almost olive-y colour. It’s definitely harder to wear than many other greens, but I love it. It’s wearable in two coats, though perfectionists will want to apply three.
The first coat was very streaky, but it evens out perfectly with the second coat. Rock the Grass doesn’t level as well as I’d like, but top coat fixes that issue. The flat brush is not too wide and has very soft bristles.

This is Rock the Grass in two coats with top coat:

Manhattan Rocktopia 5 Hippie Yeah!

Hippie Yeah! is a medium teal blue with subtle silvery shimmer. Pure gorgeous! The opacity is just like Rock the Grass.
With this colour the first coat was just a little uneven, two are perfect. I found this supremely unproblematic to apply and it dried very quickly. The brush is as describe above.

Here’s Hippie Yeah! in two coats with top coat:

Nummy colours, right?


Natasha said...

thanks for posting swatches - think i'm going to order the green one from fragrancedirect now :)


cucumpear said...

Great to hear that you found my swatches helpful, Natasha!

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