Thursday, October 4, 2012

Swatch - GOSH Galaxy

Wooo, no daily posts. Since continued cleaning is doing a number on my nails, that really makes me happy. And all that polish remover certainly wasn’t good for my nails and cuticles.
Now let’s get to it. I recently pocked up a new nail polish from GOSH’s current special edition and it’s a beauty.

GOSH 612 Galaxy

Galaxy is a strange, yet pretty thing. It’s closer to a glass-flecked polish than to a foil, which I had initially expected. In any case there’s a super-sheer brown base densely packed with multicoloured microglitter. The first glimpse shows lots of gold and yellowy green particles, but also red and blue. The result is a very complex polish with lots of depth; as I went through my day I kept looking at my nails and saw them look sort of olive-y and even like a shimmery taupe. Weird. I ended up applying four coats, but polished like that can seem totally opaque from one angle and then suddenly you can see the tip shine through again.
This applies a lot like China Glaze’s glass-flecked polishes (think Watermelon Rind). Galaxy is very thin and required a bit of care to prevent flooding the cuticles, just don’t overload the brush. But it levelled beautifully and was quite even after a couple of coats. The brush is round and works very nicely.
If you like the colour, definitely pick it up, you may want to consider layering it over a brown polish.

Here’s Galaxy in two coats without top coat:

And this is Galaxy in four coats with Seche Vite:

I expected to like this, but I didn’t expect how awesome Galaxy would be.


Natalijaaaa said...

wahnsinnig hübsche Farbe *___*

cucumpear said...

Die Bilder können die Variabilität gar nicht darstellen, den muss man einfach in echt sehen. :-D

Anonymous said...


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