Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review - Mont Bleu Files and Compact Mirror

Those of you who have been with me for some time may remember my first review of Mont Bleu products. A while back the representative contacted me again, asking if I wanted to try out something else. Since the file I tried last time has remained my go-to nail file I was excited to give it another go.
This time I received three items to try: a travel nail file, a callus file and a compact mirror.

The travel file, properly called ‘hard case glass nail file,’ is something I wouldn’t want to do without any more. The file itself is identical to the one I tried before, with a fine grit yet very efficient. Folks who like shaping their nails with polish on can easily remove traces of nail polish and the file is easy to keep clean by just rinsing it and gently brushing it with a nail brush.
The great thing about the hard case is that it protects both the file and all your stuff. If you drop the file it’s much less likely to shatter, and in case it does the shards would be contained. And for those amongst us who just toss their nail files into a handbag or backpack: no pierced fabric or hand cream tubes, no linty file.
Highly recommended.

I was extremely excited to try the ‘foot glass file,’ meant to remove dry skin, i.e. calluses. I’m not going to traumatise you with photographic evidence of my horribly dry feet, especially as sock-season has begun and that always makes my cracked heels even more horrifying.
So far I’ve used (a) PedEgg type scrapers to get most of the dead skin off, (b) sandpaper-y buffing files to smoothen everything out, and (c) creams and lotions. After using the glass callus file for a while I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re at a ‘cracked heel’ stage, it will take forever to scrape off all of the dry skin since the file has a rather fine grit. It works beautifully for buffing and smoothing though, and will save me lots of money, because my usual sandpaper thingies wear out super quickly. If your heels aren’t as bad as mine you may not need any other tools, and while it’s meant to be used on the feet I don’t see why you couldn’t smoothen dry elbows, too.

Now the compact mirror is a bit hard to really review. It reflects well.
Seriously, though: the oval compact is decorated with plenty of Swarovski crystals on a highly reflective silvery surface. On the inside you’ll find a normal and a 2x magnifying mirror, both of them round. Overall I found the compact mirror to be of high quality, the only real downside being that the surface shows every fingerprint. And that it proved to be really hard to photograph with my basic setup, I just don’t have the means to properly light something shiny. So please click on the link above to see the promo photos.
Definitely worth checking out if any of the designs appeal to you.

Mont Bleu is a Czech company that makes glass files and creates jewellery, beauty tools and other items, beautifully decorated with Swarovski crystals. If you’re interested in seeing the full range of products or the company history you can visit the Czech Glass Nail Files or Mont Bleu websites. The products are available at Glass Fuzion (for US customers), Design Glassware (for international customers) and a number of retailers. You can also contact or follow them on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.
Though I received the products for the purpose of reviewing them, all opinions are mine.


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