Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NOTD - Koi inspired by China Glaze Japanese Koi

Ever since I got my bottle of China Glaze Japanese Koi I've been wanting to paint my nails not just in Koi-orange but like those cute white and orange, black speckled Koi. So I did.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

NOTD - Frankenpolish Glamour Vamp

I tend to be quite adventurous when it comes to nail polish. I wear virtually anything and rarely do the same layering job twice. But one of the repeats is Maybelline Glamour Effect layered over Eyeko Vamp Polish. It looks amazing. So I decided to mix them up:

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Welcome, fellow beauty fanatics.

Let me introduce myself: I shall be known as CucumPear, feel free to call me that or Pear. There's no story behind that nick, I just liked the sound.

I'm painfully shy, so why the 'hello, world' all of a sudden? Sometimes I just have to chatter about a skincare crisis or an amazing product I just discovered and I don't have anyone in real life who is genuinely interested in that kind of thing.

Which brings me to my make-up history: I started playing with cheap lipsticks et al. when I was in my early teens, like many other girls. But neither my mother nor big sister used any make-up, and my friends didn't either. So it was all trial and error for me. At one point I got a couple of books, which were semi-helpful. These past few years my skills have improved immensely thanks to practice, quality products and beauty blogs.

So what can you expect to find in my blog? Mostly I talk about nails. I enjoy painting my nails in a wide variety of styles. I usually do a fresh manicure every couple of days and post the results. Occasionally I will review or swatch non-nail products.
I use internationally available and local (Austrian) or European brands.

A final warning: English is not my first language. I usually aim for British spelling, but AE has a tendency to invade. I appreciate correction of my spelling and grammar, I don't appreciate flaming and mudslinging.

Have fun, play safely and happy painting!

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