Saturday, October 17, 2009

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful - Part the First

I'm sure many of you have hears that LUSH's colourful sister B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful will be gone by the end of the year. Since I only have two eyeshadow palettes and one cream liner I can show then to you in a couple of relatively quick posts.
Today I have a B Selected eyeshadow palette and a cream eyeliner in Bondage for you.
The shadows are ridiculously expensive, I paid 49,90 € for 5 shadows (0.4 g each) and the box. Some of them are really good, typically the shimmers, other shadows are very hard and difficult to build and blend. It's best to just try and swatch before you buy. You'll definitely want to use a primer for the hard ones.
Nevertheless they are very pretty.

For this palette I chose
  • B Delight - pale shimmery pink: very pretty, I like using this colour to highlight the inner corner of the eye 
  • Beelzebub - dark grey satin: one of the fairly hard shadows; if it was easier to blend it would be perfect to emphasise the crease 
  • Beatrix - shimmery light green: one of my favourite shadows, it's delightfully easy to work with and such a gorgeous colour 
  • Broadway - teal/blue satin: again one with a stubborn texture, I can barely get any product on my brush 
  • Beck - light shimmery blue: very soft; pretty, but not a colour I use a lot 

whole palette - with flash:

whole palette - artificial light:

swatched on plain skin - artificial light:

swatched on ArtDeco eyeshadow base - artificial light:

swatched on Alverde Gel Liner as black base - artificial light:

Secondly, I'd like to show you B's Cream Eyeliner in Bondage (black). It's not bad, but it takes ages to gey and smudges, so I can't really recommend it (unless smudged and messy is the look you're going for).

bottle - with flash:

swatched on plain skin - artificial light:

Does anything tickle your fancy? If so, remember that they might have a sale.

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