Saturday, October 31, 2009

NotD - ORLY Holla and a bit of nail art

I love ORLY Holla! It's a true neon and without topcoat dries to a not quite matte finish. If you have ever worn neon polishes you will know that the colour changes a lot depending on the light. Holla is eye-searing in natural light, but in soft yellowy artificial light it can be almost pumpkin orange.
The texture is amazing, Holla applies very well and is perfectly even in two coats. Like Hook Up it would take around four coats to get opaque.
As I usually do with new polish I wore it plain today, but as I was weak and bought some nail art pens (which I'll review soon) at the drugstore today I added some curvy lines and dots when I got home.
Firstly I'd like to show you Holla plain with Seche Vite. I appear to have figured out how to take reasonably accurate pics. Well, it worked today; we will see how the next batch looks.

with flash:

One of the photos was incredibly blurry, but it just happened to be extremely close to what the colour looks like in natural light:

Last picture for today: I used my new black and orange nail art pens to do a quick line-and-dot design. Not thrilling, but I like this kind of design:

By the way, I didn't actually mean to do something Hallowe'en-y (only the current generation of kids celebrate that in Austria), it just happened. What do you think about the first half of Hot Shots? I'm certainly pleased to have purchased this set.
Happy Hallowe'en to everyone who celebrates!


hungeryjack said...

Nice post - nail art photos ..Keep Posting

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the feedback, Ron!

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