Monday, October 19, 2009

ORLY Mod Squad

As I promised on twitter I finished swatching ORLY Mod Squad today. This 'mani mini' set comprises Basket Case, Black Out, Robo Romance, and Hype:

All following pictures were taken indoors with flash. I applied a coat of Essie Matte About You on my index finger, not all polishes look good in matte. :-P

Basket Case is a bright pink creme. It applies pretty well and dries to a moderately shiny finish. This pic shows two coats, three would have been better. It's a bit darker than my sucky photo shows, though.

Black Out is a basic black creme. The texture and application is lovely and it's fully opaque in two coats. It also looks pretty neat matte, doesn't it?

I really adore Robo Romance, it's sheer pink with a little bit of multicoloured glitter (which don't show up on the picture, sorry). Of course it shows my stained nails, but that could be remedied by using an optical whitener first. And it even works pretty well with the matte top coat.

Hype, though... I have to say, I don't care for Hype. It's a berry pink/purple creme. The photo shows three coats and it's streaky and uneven. I might use it on my toes, but that's far from a favourite in colour or texture.

All in all, I love this set, despite my dislike of Hype, as the other three polishes are gorgeous and apply between good and excellent.
Have you tried any of ORLY's mani mini sets?


Kimberly Geswein said...

wow, I so agree on that Hype. I have it on now and it looks like... Mommy. Like a complete MOM color and not even an "elegant" one. Just like you are decked out in Mom jeans & a diaper bag. NOT the image I want to project! Blech. The BOTTLE color is so much prettier than the reality!!

Unknown said...

So true, Kimberly. It would take a lot of nail art to un-Mom Hype!

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