Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost Forgotten Rimmel Products

Today's post is dedicated to three products by Rimmel that I purchased years ago and rediscovered recently. I'm sure many of us have a few items hidden in their make-up bags or some drawer that they love but forgot about. It happens. And when rediscovery occurs it can make us happier than buying something new. This is such a story.
The first product is an eyeshadow duo which is so old that it's not branded as Rimmel, nor as Chicogo Rimmel, but outright Chicogo. I'm not sure when that change in name occurred, but I'm guessing more than seven years ago. The two lipsticks I'm reviewing today are a bit newer and are very close to perfection.

Chicogo SpecialEyes Duo Eye Shadow 545 Alive & Kicking: The clear plastic box is not very stylish, but not as flimsy as it looks. It contains two cake eyeshadows in shimmery white and matte pale yellow. Both are rather sheer, but nicely blendable and work well as base colour and highlighter. Over the last few weeks I have often used the pale yellow between crease and eyebrow and just a swipe of white beneath the outer part of the eyebrow.
I tend to use quite bold colours, but if I wanted to achieve a very natural look, Alive & Kicking would work nicely to add a bit of subtle sparkle and neutralise mild redness. A bit of taupe to emphasise the crease and you get a nice nude look.
While this particular duo isn't available anymore, I think these colours are as essential as a soft beige and I will get similar shadows when this duo is empty.

I rarely buy the same lipstick in two colours, but for Rimmel Shine Temptation Stars I made an exception and got 162 Twinkle Toes, a sparkly sheer bright pink, and 164 Take A Shine, a sparkly sheer plummy pink. They feel very comfortable on the lips, a bit like heavier lip balm. The sheen is just amazing and not too glossy. Twinkle Toes was and is again my go-to lipstick when I'm unsure what to wear on my lips. It's a fairly bright pink  that I just feel very comfortable with. Take A Shine isn't quite as flattering, but also very good.
I happened to mention Twinkle Toes to @glossmenagerie on twitter today and remembered that I had been meaning to look for a back-up tube on ebay. I managed to find it. Happiness achieved!

(162 Twinkle Toes, upper pic shows the colour more accurately)

Do you have old favourites? Something you can't get hold of anymore?

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