Monday, November 23, 2009

NotD - Elemental, Dear Mendeleev

Tonight's Nail of the Day is dedicated to my favourite subject back in high school, Chemistry. For a brief time I even considered taking Chem at Uni... I wouldn't have needed to cheat then, but I'm pretty rusty by now, so I used this periodic table of elements. If I ever get airbrushing supplies I will find out how to make my own stencils and do a proper PTE, with valence electrons and electronegativity and so on. (Geek Alert!)

A tiny disclaimer: I'm not completely well today and it occurs to me that freehand nail art + slightly wooziness might not have been the best idea. I may redo this design at a later point, but I wasn't willing to strain my brittle nails more by doing a fresh manicure after just having finished this.

For this manicure I used these polishes (colours marked with L-left and R-right, 1-5/thumb-pinky):

Base: Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle and CND Ridge Out
Colours (2 coats): Barielle Lemondrops (L2, R5), s-he 457 (R3), essence colour&go 18 check me out (L4, R1), essence colour&go 17 pool party (L1), Eyeko Pretty Polish (L5, R2), Eyeko Pastel Polish (L3, R4)
Top Coat: Seche Vite
Lettering: Two-Way Nail Art Pen & Brush black
Top Coat: CND Air Dry

The basic idea was choosing an element at random, painting the nail in the colour my chosen PTE used and adding the Symbol and as much of the  atomic number and weight as would fit. The Eyeko polishes don't really show up on the photos and CND Air Dry smudged the lettering. I'm so doing this again!

left hand:

right hand:

Chemistry: love or hate?

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