Friday, November 6, 2009

NotD - Green Lace

After last night's total failure at water marbling I decided to do something completely different.The look I was aiming for was a sheer base mostly covered with lace-edged fabric and one nail with corset-type lacing. This would probably have been easier with the right Konad image plates (which I don't have).
I thought I'd give a step-by-step tutorial a try. It would have been better to chose contrasting colours rather than a tonal colour scheme, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway!

  • Apply base coat and sheer or clear polish. I chose LOOK by BIPA Stop Split Vitamin Booster and L'Oréal Manicure White Whitening Varnish (two coats) to neutralize my icky yellow tips (which, thanks to my amazing photography skills, you can't really see).

  • Apply shimmery or opalescent lavender polish (optional). I still wasn't happy with the lack of whiteness, so I added a coat of Alessandro Pro White Hologram Lavender.

  • Using a sheer shimmery pale green polish, paint the lacy outline. This is another of claire's polishes without name.

  • Fill out the 'solid fabric' part with a green creme polish. I used two coats of essence colour & go 18 check me out. Try to be as neat as possible and consider using a nail art brush; I didn't and the overlap created a bulging ridge!

  • If necessary paint over the lacy part again using the same shimmery green as before.
  • Draw a line with the striper brush of a green nail art pen between fabric and lace. It should be a bit darker than the lace-colour. I used my green Spooky Nails pen, but you could use a nail art brush and dotting tool.
  • Switch to the metal tip of the pen and dot little arches across the lacy line.

  • Add the lacing detailing with a hot pink nail striper and black nail art pen. For this step I used the black Spooky Nails pen and LOOK by BIPA nail tatto liner 25 neon pink.

  • Let your nail art dry for a few minutes to prevent smudging, then seal with a top coat like CND Air Dry or any other brand that does not require the polish to be wet. You're done!

It's Friday night, so go and do something silly!

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