Monday, November 2, 2009

NotD - ORLY Hottie

Today I have a review of the third ORLY Hot Shots polish, Hottie for you. It's a pink neon and so, so beautiful. I have a hot pink habit that is only rivalled by my green polish addiction. I have tried many bright pinks, but none come close to Hottie in vibrancy. I was immediately reminded of my much-worn Kingdom of Loathing Disco Bandit shirt (sadly no longer available). I will try copying the design later.
The texture and finish is exactly like Holla. It is perfectly streak-free, applies very well, dries semi-matte and is still sheer in two coats. I don't care for the finish sans topcoat, so this is Hottie with Seche Vite. If I can get a decent daylight pic in the morning I'll post it then.

with flash:

 blurry photo with more accurate colour:

What would you wear with this polish?

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