Friday, November 27, 2009

NotD - Seirios en Kosmoi

I'm wearing Eyeko again! Today I chose Cosmic Polish for space age nails, which is so awesome I only added some star-shaped foil thingies and rhinestones. Cosmic applies very well, unsurprisingly the first coat is streaky, but two coats are quite opaque and even, three are perfect. So far all new Eyeko polishes are fairly runny; they don't level out as nicely as China Glaze, for example, but with a decent top coat that's not a problem.
Cosmic Polish is black with multicoloured microglitter. Absolutely gorgeous! If you like sparkly dark polishes, you need this one. I think it's similar to China Glaze Cosmic (which I don't have), but the glitter is denser and not as fine.

I used these supplies for today's manicure:

  • Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle
  • CND Ridge Out
  • Eyeko Cosmic Polish for space age nails - three coats
  • Seche Vite
  • various star-shaped rhinestones and foil stars, pressed into the third layer of Cosmic and sealed with top coat
Cosmic Polish is lovely on its own, it's much better than this photo shows (two coats):

After adding some stars, it's so pretty!

I'm looking for a new ridge-filler. What's your favourite?


Paige said...

That is so cute!!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you, gildedangel. I love this NotD so much myself!

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