Thursday, November 12, 2009

NotD - Where's My Slytherin

I've been loving ORLY recently, haven't I? Today I felt like green and decided to go for ORLY Mint Mojito. It's a lovely green that's very hard to capture, every picture you find will be different! At first I didn't know what I might use to embellish today's manicure, so I just started with the basic application.

  • LOOK by BIPA Diamond Hardener
  • CND Ridge Out
  • ORLY Mint Mojito (3 coats)
  • Seche Vite

As I didn't feel like cleaning all those Konad things I gathered some grey polishes and a black nail art pen proceeded like this:
  • ARTDECO Ceramic Nail Lacquer 133 (charcoal shimmer): Paint curved line along the outer side of the nail (the one facing your pinkie).
  • claire's nail polish in an unnamed mid-grey: Follow the first line, you can overlap slightly if you're not happy with the width of the charcoal coloured one.
  • LOOK by BIPA high speed polish 21 space: Repeat the previous step with a silver colour. This particular polish is quite sheer.
  • Spooky Nail 2 in 1 nail tattoo liner: Use striping brush to frame the grey lines. (optional)
  • claire's nail polish (unnamed sparkle polish): Apply a coat of sparkly/glittery polish. This one has very little glitter, which can be nice. (optional)
  • Seche Vite: Apply top coat. If you choose a different top coat you could skip the sparkle/glitter polish. I just needed that as a base for Seche Vite.
Your nails should look similar to this:

See how the silver polish shows up on my index finger, but not on the other nails? Unintended effect, but very nice! It's green, it's silver, so when I thought about what to call today's manicure 'Where's My Slytherin' just popped into my head. Let's hope Ms Rowling and Warner Bros don't sue me...


Unknown said...

OoooooooOOOOO I love it, that is so cool!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Evil Angel. I've been spending some time nail-gazing tonight...

MightyLambchop said...

This came out beautifully! I love Mint Mojito so much. Scratch that, I love Orly so much!

Unknown said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Mighty Lambchop. Mint Mojito is my only full-sized bottle of ORLY, but my next Transdesign order will probably contain more. Don't you just love the rubberised cap?

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