Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shades of Yellow

Today I have all my yellow polishes for you, all four of them... Yes, I know that's not much, but I never even considered yellow as an acceptable nail colour until this summer. I bought my first one on sale and fell in love.
In case you're wondering, I'm uploading all my polish swatches to Flickr, the NotD pictures to Picasa. For some reason that made sense at some point.

All of these polishes were swatched with two coats and without top coat.

bpretty 10 yellow
A fairly sheer shimmery polish in pale yellow. Applies very well.

s-he 393
A semi-sheer creme in a darker shade of yellow. Decent application.

Barielle Lemondrops
This shade is quite pale and very opaque. Lemondrops is just a tad thick, but still applies well.

ORLY Hook Up
You've already seen this in my Hot Shots review, but here's one photo again:

Yellow: yea or nay?

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