Monday, November 16, 2009

Swatches - essence Secrets of the Past

I picked up some cosmetic-y stuff at dm a few days ago, amongst them two polishes from the Secrets of the Past collection by essence. There were two more colours, but not very exciting ones. The two I picked are 02 Meet You In Budapest and 04 Flowerfields.

I applied three coats of Flowerfields last night, which didn't remotely reach opacity and despite using Seche Vite didn't dry properly. My left thumb was wrinkly and I could easily dent the polish. Maybe three coats were too much, though they weren't very thick. The colour itself is a bright, but not neon, orange with a hint of pink. Flowerfields applies smoothly and evenly and is just runny enough for me. I'll give it another try later and will report on my continued experience.
After I came home today I decided to remove the gunk and do a quick swatch before moving on to the teal. On the following photo I wear two coats of Flowerfields, on the pinky and ring finger I applied a coat of China Glaze White On White as a base.

Then I did my standard manicure with Meet You In Budapest. It's a gorgeous teal, but a bit tricky to apply, as it's quite thick. Meet You In Budapest is opaque in two coats. So far it seems to have dried properly, but unlike Flowerfields it got bubbly. You can just make out a couple of bubbles on my ring finger. I really don't like that picture, the polish is a few shades darker than that.

My experiences with essence so far have been good, their polishes tend to be quite neat and cheap. But while these two are incredibly pretty, the formula just isn't that great. So if you decide to get them, make sure you remove any bubbles before applying your top coat and try to keep the layers thin.

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