Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Frankenpolish Love Under a Starry Sky

Who would be moonbrained enough to use a runny base to franken a glittery polish? Me, that's who!
I had about half a bottle of top coat I never use any more and decided to use that as base.

The Recipe:
approx. 7 ml Astor Ultra Shine Top Coat (use a thick clear polish instead!)

50 drops Eyeko Vamp Polish
50 drops essence multi dimension 19 rock 'n' roll
50 drops Barry M Nail Paint 244 Hologram Hexograms
~ 1 tsp. heart-shaped glitter (I got this from claire's and it seems to survive the chemical onslaught)

This looks pretty neat, but it's way to runny and the glitter settles like crazy. It was so hard to get any hex and hearts on my nails. Only the fine glitter from essence rock 'n' roll stays evenly distributed.
Still, I like the colour and as it's a fairly sheer polish, the silber glitter from the second coat looks blue through the third coat.

What do you think? Fourth coat necessary?


Paige said...

That looks very cute, I love how you put the little heart glitters in!

Unknown said...

Thanks, gildedangel! I think I'll have to pack in even more glitter to get a couple of hearts on each nail.

Unknown said...

I like it as is, it looks jelly ish! Great franken!

Unknown said...

I like it more every time I see my nails. Thank you, Evil Angel!

the-swatchaholic said...

Love this franken! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Jeanette!

amusedPolish said...

Oh- noch eine Wienerin, die auf Englisch bloggt ^^.

Hmm- hab noch nie diese Herzchen für Nail Art vom Claire's gesehn. Werd die Augen dafür offen halten.

Unknown said...

Hallo, amusedPolish! Schön, jemanden aus der Gegend zu sehen!
Die Herzen habe ich aus einem body glitter stack, ist noch nicht allzu lange her und vielleicht noch erhältlich. Ich bin positiv überrascht, dass sie sich im Lack bisher gut gehalten haben.

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