Monday, December 28, 2009

NotD - Neutral Dots

Is anyone else especially lazy during the holidays? I'm just not into complex designs that take a couple of hours right now.
So for today's nail I used another two colours that I got via Kellie's giveaway, OPI You're A Doll and Icing Cocoa.

I skipped the ridge filler today so I only used four polishes, a dotting tool and little golden nail gems.

  • Sally Hansen miracle cure
  • OPI You're A Doll - two coats
  • Icing Cocoa
  • Seche Vite

First I applied the base and two coats of You're A Doll. I'm so in love with OPI's brush!

Then I used a dotting tool to create two curved lines of dots with Cocoa, pressed a small circular golden nail gem into the wet polish where the two lines met and sealed everything with Seche Vite.

Why am I into simplistic and geometric designs right now? Well, I'll probably go back to multicoloured soon. ;-)


Paige said...

That is very pretty!

Unknown said...

Oh that is just so cute!

Unknown said...

Thank you, gildedangel and Evil Angel.

MightyLambchop said...

That is a cute mani! I do feel lazy after the holiday too. I'm just sporting a creme with no nail art at all right now because it feels like too much work to even slap a sticker on my nails.
Good thing this will pass!

Unknown said...

Good to know that I'm not the only one. ;-)
But I'm already planning the New Year's manicure, with a lot of glitter and rhinestones.
Thanks, Mighty Lambchop!

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