Friday, December 4, 2009

Swatches - Beige, Bronze and Brown

Today I have a few more swatches for you. Most of these polishes are older, I had a bronze phase a couple of years ago. :-P

All swatches are two coats, first photo without top coat, second one with top coat:

essence multi dimension 39 spicy

spicy applies very nicely, two coats are opaque and the warm shimmer adds dimension.

Manhattan Lotus Effect 154
Lotus Effect 154 is too sheer for my taste and I don't care for the additional yellow on the tip of my nails. Application is nice, it's quite a runny polish, it probably won't ever get opaque.

Manhattan Lotus Effect 156
Lotus Effect 156 is a lovely sheer bronze-y colour with fine golden and holo glitter. I love that type of polish! And like 154 it applies well in a runny-polish way.

Maybelline Colorama glossy nail color 63 beige in love
Colorama beige in love is a nice, neutral beige. It's not a colour I can get excited about, but I might use it for layering. It's fairly opaque, depending on the thickness of the coats you will need two or three coats. It's a typical Colorama, quite runny and easy to apply.

 Maybelline Colorama glossy nail color 103 tiger eyes
Colorama tiger eyes is similar to Manhattan Lotus Effect 156, but the base is a bit more golden and the glitter is larger and there's more of the holographic glitter. There are even some small flakes! I love this one, a single coat is very sheer, but perfectly wearable. Layered over a beige or golden polish tiger eyes looks amazing.

 Rimmel 60 seconds 530 Star Dust
Rimmel Star Dust is a semi-sheer bronze with golden and holo glitter. Can you see the pattern emerging? Rimmel glitter polishes can have a strange rough, almost gritty surface after drying. Star Dust did this for me, but that's what top coat is for. This polish would need three to four coats to get opaque.

How do you feel about bronze and brown polish?


Paige said...

Great swatches!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you, gildedangel.

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