Friday, January 8, 2010

A Bunch of Swatches

Last year I entered a giveaway at Kellie's blog and was lucky enough to win. Yay! So today I have swatches of the polishes for you. Kellie, who is made of awesome ;-) , also added a couple of bottles of Sinful Colors, which I've used in previous manicures but haven't swatched properly.
Just a jump to the left to see the swatches.

All photos with flash, the first one without, the second with top coat.

color club 813 black-ish
This is a frosty reddish brown with coppery golden shimmer, opaque in two coats. It applies very nicely.

N.Y.C. 220B Canal Street 
Canal Street is superficially similar in colour, finish and texture to color club black-ish. It's more red, the shimmer is a little less golden and the shimmery particles are not as fine. It, too, applies very well and is fully opaque in two coats.

Icing Cocoa
A lovely brown frost, I had a bit of trouble with this one, you can see a bit of dragging on my index finger. Otherwise it applies well, it's quite runny (which I like) and would need three to four coats to be fully opaque.

OPI You're A Doll!
I love this colour, it's a gorgeous semi-sheer beige with the faintest hint of shimmer or micro-glitter. It's my first full-sized OPI and I absolutely fell in love with the brush. You're A Doll! applies like a dream and I think it would be opaque in four coats.

N.Y.C. Nail Glossies 219
My favourite colour of this set. I just adore this pink: it's sheer, shimmery and a girl's dream. I haven't tried to get this opaque and I think it would require a lot of coats or a similar coloured opaque polish underneath. This pink applies smoothly and without any problems. I think it will be great for layering over pinks and oranges.


Paige said...

Those are beautiful colors, congrats on winning that! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, gildedangel, there was a scary amount of jiggling and squeeing.

Joanne said...

Wanted to thank you for your kinds words on my VV guest blog. :)

Love your blog. Great pics!


Unknown said...

Thank you, Joanne!

Nicole said...

Kellie is a sweetie! Congrats on winning her giveaway. Lovely swatches, I think my fave is the Color Club!

the-swatchaholic said...

Congratulations! The Color Club nail polish looks stunning but all of them are gorgeous. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you, Nicole. Kellie really is great. :-)

Thanks, Jeanette. They really are great colours.

Unknown said...

love that you love them!!! they look great on your beautiful nails <333

Unknown said...

Y'know, Kellie, if I develop an OPI addiction I'm blaming you. ;-)

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