Thursday, January 14, 2010

NotD - Green Agate

What look do you try to achieve when you water marble? I try to emulate agate, the banded or faceted kind. I love the variety of colour, opacity and texture. This is why I like using cremes combined with shimmers, opaque polishes with sheer ones. I don't make pretty geometric pattern, I just drag a toothpick through the rings of polish in my cup three or four times and dip.
Take a look at these lovelies:

I started with a white base using these polishes

  • Sally Hansen miracle cure
  • LOOK by BIPA Ridge Filler
  • China Glaze White On White
  • Seche Vite

If you want a stark white creme polish, White On White is a good choice. For a perfectly even result you'll need three coats, but two are sufficient as a base.

Then I started the water marbling with the following polishes:

  • essence multi dimension 53 all access
  • China Glaze Paper Chasing
  • Eyeko Pretty Polish for neat nails (only a couple of rings per nail)
  • CND Air Dry

I really love the results of today's efforts. The clean-up is a pain, though!
How do you prefer to water marble? A random pattern, spider-web or maybe tie-dye style?


Daily Nail said...

I really like this- it DOES look like stone! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Melissa. I'm all bouncy right now with the successful-manicure endorphins.

Gina (Prim and Polished) said...

soooo cool! Looks amazing!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Gina!

Paige said...

That looks amazing, I love it!

Unknown said...

Glad you like it, too, gildedangel.

Unknown said...

This looks awesome!! when I water marble, my only goal is to get it looking half-decent - you made water marbling a true art!! Love this :)

Euridice said...

This is AMAZING!! I wouldn't ever want to take that off my nails. I have not water marbled yet, but perhaps I'll get up the courage to give it a try at some point. I totally LOVE the agate effect you've acheived.

the-swatchaholic said...

This is stunning! I am afraid of trying the marbling technique myself but I love to see marbled manicures. So beautiful! :)

Unknown said...

*blushes* Thank you, Brooke.

Thanks, Euridice. Water marbling is well worth trying a couple of times.

It took a couple of tries to learn the technique, but it's so much fun. I'm glad you like it, Jeanette!

Susie said...

I haven't tried water marbling yet. It is beautiful.
I have a question..............have you tried China Glaze "White On White" for Konading? Is it thick if you haven't yet?
It would be cheaper than the Konad Special polish. :)
Great job,

Unknown said...

Thank you very much, Susie! I hadn't tried White On White for Konading as I got the White Special Polish in a set, but since my polish is (quite literally) next to my right leg I compared them quickly.
You'll get a much better result with the Konad polish, White On White is just too runny. Though it's stampable the image looks washed out and lacks the crisp definition you'll get with the Special Polish.

Sasse has compiled a list of polishes that work for Konading, there are a few whites listed:

I hope this helps

Susie said...

Wow, thanks for taking the time to check the CHG White on White for me. I have just a tiny bottle of the Konad White so I better get some more.
Thanks again,

Susie said...

OH I didn't even catch that last paragraph. LOL. I'll go check the list. :) Thanks,

Unknown said...

*g* No problem, it took me all of five minutes and I like knowing that kind of stuff myself. :-)

PolishedPrude said...

This turned out so well. It looks exactly like what you were trying to mimic.

Unknown said...

Thank you, PolishedPrude!

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