Thursday, January 28, 2010

NotD - Of Mint And Stripes

Isn't it annoying when you have a pretty manicure and then the top coat smears the lines. That's what happened to me today, but I'm still going to post my NotD because the colours just work so nicely together.

First, the base colour:

  • Seche Base ridge filling base coat
  • claire's nail polish in an unnamed minty colour
  • Seche Vite
I started with a basic manicure, two coats of Seche Base, two of the main colour and one coat of Seche Vite. The claire's polish is very nicely pigmented, but the brush is ridiculously wide, without fanning it out it easily covered my pinkie nail and it was tricky to get it back into the bottle.

Then I added a few more colours:

  • OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees
  • China Glaze Millennium
  • LOOK by BIPA nail tattoo liner 4 white
  • LOOK by BIPA nail tattoo liner 25 neon pink
  • CND Air Dry

I started by painting half of each nail with Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees. Not very neat, but I planned to add another line over the wonky border.

Then I painted over part of the dark grey with Millennium. I love the Khromes, opaque in one coat!

Then I added a pink and a white stripe to cover the uneven borders. Hot pink and mint work so well together. Then I added top coat and this is where all went wrong. Air Dry smeared the white line even though I let it dry for about 15 minutes and even transferred some of the pink. We are not amused.

I was pleasantly surprised by this combination, the colours work beautifully and luckily the smearing is not very noticable in most situations (except for the left ring finger).
How do you feel about mint and pink?

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