Sunday, February 21, 2010

KotD - Spring Is Here (I Wish)

I'm sick of winter. It's been cold and slushy for so long now and I've had my nth cold. So after applying one of my new p2 polishes I felt the urge to add lots of flowers.
And I gave in. (OMGNubbins! The nail on my ring finger broke in a cleaning accident.)

This is what I used for today's base colour:

  • OPI Nail Envy
  • p2 232 shockful
  • Seche Vite

And this is what I used for the design:

  • Konad image plate m5
  • Orly Star of Bombay
  • Eyeko Hot! Hot! Hot! Red Polish for naughty nails
  • Konad Princess Polish Psyche Pink
  • Konad Special Polish White
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Shine

First I did a basic manicure by applying two coats of Nail Envy, three of shockful and sealing the manicure with Seche Vite.
I really like shockful, it's a gorgeous bright green creme that reminds me of crayons and coloured pencils. It's your basic light green (the second image is more true to colour). The first coat was very streaky, but as you will see in the photos, the second coat was even and quite opaque. The only negative aspect I can think of is that this polish doesn't level properly.  Unless you use a nice leveling top coat there will be ridgy brushstrokes.

This is shockful in two coats and without top coat:

p2 232 shockful 2C no TC

This is shockful in three coats and sealed with Seche Vite:

p2 232 shockful 3C with TC

Then the fun part started. I decided to use a floral design found on image plate m5, the one without stems. With the four colours I had chosen I stamped, and stamped, and then stamped some more, making sure to layer, do partial transfers and to not do the same thing on each nail. I then gave Diamond Shine another try as Konad top coat. It did smudge a bit, but for some strange reason just the pink and red.

And the Konadicure is finished. I feel better now, despite my ridiculously short nails.
How is everyone doing this weekend?

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