Sunday, February 28, 2010

NotD - A Failed Marble

"How can a marble fail?" I hear you cry. It can in various ways. The polish might cause a film every time it hits the water or the drops may just sink to the bottom of the cup. This fail, however wasn't a technical one, it just looks funky. In a bad way. (And I botched the clean-up.)

The plan was to do a neon marble over a white base, using these polishes:

  • Seche Base
  • China Glaze White On White
  • China Glaze Japanese Koi
  • China Glaze Flying Dragon
  • China Glaze Paper Chasing (not a neon, but very bright)
  • Seche Vite
Well, it looked decent in my dimly lit room, but flash and sunlight show the weirdness quite nicely.

I think it's all Flying Dragon's fault. It just looks so gritty and gross. But it's so bright that I can't truly hate this manicure.
What was your most spectacular fail?

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