Sunday, February 7, 2010

NotD Racing Green vs All Access

My polish collection contains hardly any dupes. I own a few similar bright pinks, but none of those are identical. Only two pairs that seem very close in colour and finish remain.
The ones I compared today (and then used as base for my manicure) are Barry M Nail Paint 299 Racing Green and essence multi dimension 53 All Access.

This is what I used for today's comparison and NotD:

  • OPI Nail Envy
  • essence multi dimension 53 All Access
  • Barry M Nail Paint 299 Racing Green
  • China Glaze Millennium
  • claire's glittery polish (tweaked)
  • Seche Vite

I started with two coats of Nail Envy and alternated the greens on my nails.

To give both polishes an equal chance I applied three coats. Racing Green definitely needs three, otherwise it will be a bit streaky. All Access is thicker and more opaque, two coats would be plenty and you could get away with one.
I found that All Access is slightly darker and just a little less blue-toned than Racing Green. Other than that they seem virtually identical. If you favour runnier polishes, Barry M is a good choice, but All Access is cheaper and more pigmented.
Despite the strikingly similar colour these remain classified as 'different colours' in my mind, I'm not really sure why. ;-)

I then added a silvery, slightly curved stripe using China Glaze Millennium.

Then I added two coats of a glittery clear polish and Seche Vite.
This is the same polish I complained about in my Sparkling Bright Green NotD. I added some hexagonal glitter, the hearts I used for my dark blue Franken and some fine silver and holo glitter. And suddenly it's usable.
By the way, the one I used in my gradient NotD is a new bottle of the same polish, but lo! it has moar glitterz now.

So, folks. Embiggen the image and tell me: Do you agree that All Access is a dupe for Racing Green?

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sordar joy said...

Yep, LOVE it! Looks so much more interesting than typically laid tile.

Green Onyx

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