Monday, February 1, 2010

Re- Swatch - Barry M Nail Paint NPG2

Jellynat expressed an interest in the polish found in Barry M's green gift set. Sadly this set isn't available any more, but at least I can show you a better picture than last time. This photo shows NPG2 in two coats over ridge filler and without top coat.

This Nail Paint is one of my favourite polishes. The application is so smooth, it's practically perfect and the brush may not be anything special, but it's soft enough to glide across the nail but still easy to control. The formula is very nice, the polish is opaque in two coats, though you may need three if you apply it very thinly. NPG2 doesn't dry particularly quickly or slowly.
The colour is absolutely divine, a yellowy green that I associate with apples and peas (even though I don't remember ever seeing a pea that was close to this shade). The finish is especially lovely: golden and green shimmer that captivates me. Like most shimmers NPG2 shows some brush marks, though I don't feel that they detract from the overall gorgeousness.

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