Sunday, April 18, 2010

Planning Nail Art

Before I start painting my nails I wanted to ask y’all: How do you plan your nail art? Do you just start painting randomly? Do you sketch it first?

I’m a planner by nature and choice. Until today I did quick sketches on scraps of paper, my notes from Uni, whatever… But last night I finally sat my ass down and started sketching and then digitalising a simple nail art chart – based on my nails - and I’m quite pleased with the result. Thus I thought I’d share it with you.

(click on the image to get it if you want it)

And here’s an example of a finished design:

2010-04-18 Planning Nail Art

Basically I use a mechanical pencil to draw a preliminary design, tweak it until I’m happy and finalise it with a felt tip pen. Then I colour it and try to find polishes that work.

So what’s your modus operandi?

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