Monday, May 24, 2010

NotD – Charcoalicious

I seem to have been bitten by the charcoal bug. I’m loving the glittery shimmery dark greys right now. So today I want to show you a manicure based on the loveliness of OPI Baby It’s “Coal” Outside! in all its charcoalicious gorgeousness.

This is what I used for this manicure:

  • NailTek Foundation II
  • OPI Baby It’s “Coal” Outside!
  • Seche Vite
  • Glam Nails design templates for nails N018
  • essie matte about you

As usual I started with a basic manicure. I applied one coat of NailTek Foundation II, three of Baby It’s “Coal” Outside! and sealed the base colour with Seche Vite.

Baby It’s “Coal” Outside! is a dark charcoal grey base, densely packed with silvery microglitter. It’s even in two coats and fully opaque in three.
Upon applying the first coat I was baffled by the texture of this polish. It seems like a strange hybrid, similar both to a runny glitter polish and a foil. Though it is less pigmented than foils tend to be, it dries very quickly and has the same graininess. Baby It’s “Coal” Outside! applies with a minimum of streaks and patches even in one coat and as usual OPI‘s flat brush makes for a neat and easy manicure.
This is another polish I can absolutely recommend!

This is Baby It’s “Coal” Outside! in two coats without top coat:

And here are two pics of Baby It’s “Coal” Outside! in three coats with Seche Vite. The first one was taken with flash, the second photo without flash under a ‘natural spectrum’ light bulb:


And as it was a bit late by the time the polish was dry (i.e. almost 4 am) I decided to finish the manicure the next day. I really love Baby It’s “Coal” Outside! by itself, so I only added some essie matte about you to it.
I still had some untried Glam Nails design templates for nails and thought that N018 would look nice, this stencil would help me apply parallel lines onto my nails. And as this stencil looked much sturdier than their cat design I wanted to test how many nails I could finish with one. I did manage to use one sticky tab for five nails, but I think for a precise result three nails would have been the maximum. You can see on my index finger what I mean (first image with flash, second one with aforementioned lamp).


So what do you think? I find shiny Baby It’s “Coal” Outside! much prettier than its matte incarnation, but overall I really like this manicure.

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