Saturday, May 29, 2010

Swatches – That Lilac One and Rodeo Fanatic

For the past couple of days I’ve had one nail fail after another (grrr). So today I’m posting a couple of swatches and hope that I can do a proper manicure next time.


claire’s unnamed lilac polish

As usual in Europe, this polish I got at claire’s has neither name nor number. It’s a basic lilac crème polish and mostly opaque in two coats. I could just make out the nail line from a few angles. Like all purple polishes, the photos are not true to colour and look a bit too blue.
This polish applies quite well, as you can see two coats are even. I’m happy to say that claire’s seem to be using flat brushes these days, they’re a tad short, but dense and soft enough to work well.

This is claire’s lilac polish in two coats without top coat, photographed with flash:

This is claire’s lilac polish in three coats with top coat. Again, it was photographed with flash (this was swatched before I started using the ‘natural spectrum’ lamp):

China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic

I love this polish. But what colour is Rodeo Fanatic? Teal, blue, purple? Well, I’d say it’s teal, but I have seen swatches where it looks royal blue. As I turn the bottle I mostly see bright shimmery blue with hints of purple and teal where the bottle gets narrower. On the nail it is mostly teal with the blue peeking out occasionally. It’s fully opaque in two coats, though I feel that a third coat adds more depth to the colour.
Rodeo Fanatic applies well and evenly enough, keeping in mind that shimmery polishes always show some brush marks. This polish would be perfect if China Glaze had flat brushes.

Here is Rodeo Fanatic in two coats without top coat (flash):


These photos show Rodeo Fanatic in three coats with top coat. The first one was taken with flash, the second one without flash under a ‘natural spectrum’ bulb (and that one’s a bit fuzzy, sorry):


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