Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My interview with Sara of The Makeup Snob

I recently had the pleasure to interview lovely beauty blogger Sara of The Makeup Snob through Beauty Blogs Backstage, a network dedicated to giving bloggers a way to get to know each other and share the revelations with y’all. I asked Sara seven questions, so read on and see what she has to say.

1. What is your favourite eyeshadow base and why do you find it preferable?
I always try items hoping to find the next best thing. But I always end up back using MAC Painterly paint pot. This works really well for me. It lasts all day, doesnt crease and works well with pressed or loose shadows!

2. I know that you love bright colours, especially on your lids. What is the most 'outrageous' eyeshadow combination you've come up with?
I honestly am not to creative in coming up with looks. I will read blogs or watch youtube videos and become inspired by others. I love the combination of red, yellow and orange together. I am not sure why, but that combination has got to be my favorite!

3. Is there any colour that you wouldn't wear?
Honestly, "almost" all pastels. In some looks certain shades work but in most cases I find they just dont work for me or give m the payoff or intensity I am looking form. Pale Pink is the worst for me. It makes my eyes look swollen!

4. In your opinion, what are the most overrated and underrated make-up brands?
I really hope not to offend anyone... But OVER RATED... I believe Nars is. More so their shadows. I have countless duos and singles. I am never pleased with the look I get when using them and therefore tend not to reach for them. I have also had Nars lipsticks go bad before many others I have had alot longer... (im sorry) UNDER RATED... I have never tried a thing from Lorac that I didnt love. The shadows are buttery soft. The blushes sink into your skin and give you a gorgeous glow! Should I go on? I truly love this brand and never hear anyone raves about it. The Lorac palettes I own are probably my favorite of all.

5. What skill are you especially proud of?
This is a hard one! I really think I am constantly learning so much and changing what I think works all the time. Oh I am proud of my skill to curl my hair with a flat iron. lol. I have mastered the flip of the wrist! lol.

6. If you could be instantly transported to any person for a day, who would you visit?
Sarah Jessica Parker! I love her! I just know she would be fabulous and down to earth!

7. What is the most important piece of advice you would give to new bloggers?
I guess what I always think about for myself is try to remain original. If you have seen a item blogged about 50 times already, Try not to post about it unless you have something unique to add. There are a million blogs out there! Work on standing out amongst them! :)

Now, sweet readers, head over to Sara’s blog and take a look at her reviews, FotDs and more. And if you’re interested, she also interviewed me (you get a first time ever chance to see my face *winks*).

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