Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NotD – A Green of Note

Once again I’ve found one of those rare polishes I don’t want to add nail art to. The only reason I did add some stickers later on was a lifting corner on my right hand.

This is what I used for this manicure:

  • OPI Nail Envy (starting to look kinda funky)
  • Alessandro 949 Green Green Baby (mini)
  • Seche Vite
  • essence nail art nail stickers
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Shine

 Green Green Baby is made of win. The yellowy green base is packed with pinkish to golden orange shimmer, which only shows up at certain angles, almost duochrome-y. It’s quite sheer and I can still see through it after four coats, so I recommend layering it over an opaque base.
It applies very smoothly and free of streaks, the formula is excellent. I had some drying issues due to the many coats, though. What I’m really impressed with is the brush, it’s round and one of the best brushes I’ve found in miniature bottles of polish.
I highly recommend looking for Green Green Baby.

This is Green Green Baby in two coats without top coat, photographed with flash:

And these photos (with flash and under a ‘natural spectrum’ lamp) show Green Green Baby in four coats with Seche Vite:


As I mentioned before, applying many coats of polish didn’t work well and in addition to a few dents the corner of one nail started to lift. Therefore I added some essence nail stickers and sealed them with Diamond Shine.
These stickers are very nice, I especially like that I could just stick the band onto my nails and tear it off at the edge rather than having to cut it to size first. They are easy to reposition, but I don’t think that they would last without top coat. The only bad thing I can say about them is that the bands are just a tad too short. My nails are not narrow, but not freakishly wide either, and I could have used at least half a centimetre more.

Isn’t that colour amazing?

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