Thursday, June 3, 2010

On ManGlaze and FrankenJuggs

Recently I caved and finally ordered some ManGlaze: Fuggen Ugly, Matte Is Murder and a couple sets of their FrankenJuggs. And let me explain why I’m telling you to consider getting some ManGlaze products (btw, I do not get paid or free products for this review, I was just so blown away after years of not so good customer service).

  • Their polishes are not tested on animals.
  • They’re also free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde.
  • The customer care is amazing! For example: I got an apologetic email about a slight delay so my empties could be shipped with better brushes. This isn’t just good, this is awesome.

So, I’m definitely going to buy more Juggs and their top coats in the future and apparently we’ll see some colours at some point, which I’ll need to check out, too.
I haven’t swatched Matte Is Murder and Fuggen Ugly yet, but I have mixed up some polish to try out the FrankenJuggs.

What you get is a set of three large glass vessels (seriously, they’re ginormous) with a very wide aperture and a flat black cap with an easily detachable brush. One of my Juggs had a brush that was slightly too long and it was easy enough to remove it and trim the clear plastic tube (take a look before you start mixing).
[e.t.a.] Of course I forgot to write that the brushes are very nice round ones. I can't compare them to the old ones, of course, but I still say, good change!

And then there are the labels. You’ll find a round sticker on the cap with a logo, an area for filling in the name of your frankenpolish and the word ‘Franken-Stein’ (I’m wondering, could that be a beer stein pun?). I find this very useful for those of us hoarders who store their polish in drawers.
But the label on the bottle itself, *sighs*, it’s to die for. I love the cute pin-up style zombie with her bandages and skull hairclip, surrounded my mad scientist paraphernalia. And the area for jotting down the name and formula of your frankenpolish is designed like a cassette tape… I think I’ll have to create a colour named ‘Mix Tape’ soon.

If you’re interested in mixing your own colours, I highly recommend these bottles. They're pretty (great for giving away custom polish) and they’re only $3.33 per set of three, so they won’t break the bank.

And because I can’t write a post without some eye candy: here’s the polish I mixed and named Sly in two coats (no top coat) with flash:

And Sly in three coats (+ Seche Vite) with and without flash and in strange angles:


Too bad even funky angles don’t show how sneaky this polish is. From some angles you can barely see the shimmer and it looks like a dusty teal, then suddenly the green and golden shimmer appears. I love frankening.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on ManGlaze? Have you tried their products or are you planning to?

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