Saturday, July 17, 2010

Comparison – Midori-esque Greens

I spent several hours today swatching and was so polish-saturated afterwards that I completely forgot that I should actually post something. D’oh.
But as it’s 1 am by now and I actually go to bed around 2 these days (so early!) I’ll just post a quick comparison and a proper NotD tomorrow.

The three polishes we’ll take a look at are Zoya Midori, wet n wild craze 234 Jade and MNY my varnish 753. All three are bright green with golden green shimmer. I’ve read a few times that Jade and Midori are supposed to be dupes and I’d say they almost are. Midori is much thicker and more opaque, but the real difference lies in the shimmer. Jade shows more brushmarks, while the shimmer in Midori is a tad more dispersed. The colour, both of base and shimmer, look absolutely identical to me.
MNY 753 is not a dupe of Jade or Midori. The base is a brighter slightly more yellowy green and 753 has a lot more shimmer than the other two polishes. Additionally, it’s a bit less opaque than Jade.

For the comparison photos I applied three coats of MNY 753 on my pinky and middle finger nails, three of wet n wild Jade on my index finger nail, and only two coats of Zoya Midori on the ring finger nail. Click to embiggen, as usual!


I think Midori remains my favourite, partly because it’s much more opaque and partly because of the fewer brushmarks. How about you?

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