Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An interview with Janice of Swtest2 Lips

It’s time for a Beauty Blogs Backstage interview again! This month I got to interview gorgeous Janice, whose blog Swtest2 Lips you need to check out. Her posts cover a wide range of beauty-related topics: from reviews to tutorials, from EotDs to NotDs. You won’t be surprised that I especially love her electric bee mani.

But now, let’s get to the actual interview!

1. Do you find it hard to find a foundation that truly matches your skintone?
Finding the right foundation shade is my most dreaded thing in makeup. My undertones changes with the season so I'm constantly switching foundations. During the winter when I'm pale, I have pink undertones. With spring/early summer when my skin actually sees sunlight, I have yellow undertones. Come around the end of summer when I'm nice and tanned, I'll have olive undertones. Purchasing the correct shade of foundation is seriously a mission for me. I swear everything looks the same in stores until I go home and see my face having a different shade than my neck-lol. I usually get it right on the second or third try. Needless to say, my favorite thing to wear during the warmer months is a tinted moisturizer.

2. Does packaging affect your decision making process when you buy cosmetics?
For the most part..... yes. I just cant help buying makeup with the pretty makeup. Pretty packaging makes me happy each and every time I see it on my vanity regardless of whether or not I use it. My wallet especially dreads 'limited edition' makeup designs. The hoarder inside of me will hunt them down because its limited.

3. Do you have a Holy Grail base or top coat? If so: which ones and why?
So far, my HG base coat is Orly Rubber Bonder. The formula is incredibly thick..similar to liquid rubber (hence the name :-). Just one swipe before my regular polish and I swear my mani will last at least 5 days. Some brands of polish will only last 2 days before the tips will start to chip, unless I use it with the Orly base coat. I love that its available at most drugstores and one bottle lasts very very long time. As for topcoats, I haven't found a HG yet, but I like the Seche Vite topcoat because it cuts my drying time in half. What I don't like about the topcoat is after a few days, the glossy layer becomes dull and I would have to reapply a new coat.

4. In your opinion, which nail polish brand has the best colour range?
So far, I believe OPI has the best color range. They are constantly coming out with new collections and their permanent selection is massive! I haven't had the opportunity to try many other brands readily available to me though, so hopefully I can discover cool new brands with a wide selection of colors.

5. Do you tend to write each post spontaneously or do you prefer to prepare and schedule posts?
When it comes to makeup reviews, I will prepare and schedule the posts since I try to post swatches and/or makeup looks with the reviews. When it comes to nail polish swatches/designs its usually spontaneous because all I have to do is take pictures of my finished product.

6. What movie do you watch again and again?
I would have to say The Nightmare Before Christmas. I've watched this movie well over 20 times and it never gets boring. I'm a huge fan of stop animation and the story line is amazing! I'm sure I can recite most of the lines in the movie. :-)

7. What historical person would you like to meet?
I would pick Cleopatra! I would love to hear about a day in the life of an Egyptian Queen! From her beauty regimens to how she she charmed the most powerful men of the Roman Empire: Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Cleopatra was really a woman ahead of her time!

Thank you for letting us see who’s behind that beautiful blog, Janice!

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