Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swatches – essence Into the Wild

Into the Wild was essence’s May to June LE collection. My local drugstore still has this collection, so I can try and claim that this is a current LE. Sort of. ;-)
These colours are wearable, but none of them truly appealed to me. I really don’t know why I bought them all. All four polishes come with a basic round brush that works just fine.
As usual, for each colour you’ll see one photo of the polish in two coats without top coat and one in three coats with top coat.

essence Into the Wild 01 Desert Fox

Desert Fox is a milk chocolate-coloured crème polish, it’s more chocolatey in real life, actually. It’s fairly densely pigmented and almost fully opaque in two coats.
It applies quite well, the first coat is a bit streaky, the second evens out nicely. This colour is wearable, but I’m not into brown all that much.


essence Into the Wild 02 Zulu

This polish is matte – kind of, it’s more of a semi-matte satin-y finish. Zulu is a beige-ish taupe crème, mostly opaque in two coats. Sadly, it’s not my colour at all.
I was very pleased with Zulu’s application, it was super even in two coats and unlike most matte polishes very forgiving.

essence Into the Wild 03 Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra is a semi-sheer pink crème polish, the colour reminds me of marzipan pigs of all things. It’s not quite opaque in three coats.
This polish I had issues with, it was a bit streaky, only evening out with three coats. I found Heart Chakra to be finicky, but quite pretty and useable.


essence Into the Wild 04 Bongo Drums

This is a sheer ivory crème, if you’re looking for an opaque ivory, use an opaque base or grab a different polish. I thinks it’s especially lovely in two coats.
Bongo Drums applied beautifully and very even. I didn’t have any trouble with this one. This is definitely my favourite from Into the Wild.


Overall I found this collection nice and serviceable, but far from exciting. Anyone who loves neutrals might love it though. I need more colour!

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