Saturday, August 28, 2010

On Packaging

Alert! Now under new management. Same thing, different name. Instead of ‘Pandemonium of Cosmetics’ (which is wasn’t) this is now ‘Onyx Phalanx’ (for silly reasons including anatomy and Ancient Greek).

*scratches head* So the first post after renaming this blog to reflect the near-exclusive nail polish focus is an only marginally naily one. I’m currently busily cleaning and it’s quite frustrating to destroy a fresh manicure.
Today I want to share my opinions on packaging in cosmetics and I’d love to hear what you have to say.

As a general rule I don’t care much about how my make-up and skincare is packaged. That being said, I do like pretty things and sometimes the fancy outside will catch my attention. But mostly it’s about functionality, like bottles not breaking before you even touch them or not having to use your fingernails to open a palette.

How about a couple of brands that do it right:

  • Clinique has a very distinct colour palette, their signature green and silver in their make-up line-up, the muted pinks, greens and purples for their skincare. I find the latter very appealing and the former has a nostalgic appeal as my first ‘fancy’ blush was by Clinique. Also, the packaging opens and closes when you want it to without breaking(except for those crappy GWP miniature eye make-up removers with the child-safe caps).
  • MAC also has a very sleek exterior. I dig the smooth black and clear and by Spock, the eyeshadows open without breaking any nails. I don’t like that some liquid foundations come without pump and the weird knobbly rubbery caps, but at least they work. ;-)

And a couple of examples for not so brilliant packaging (but I still like the brands themselves):

  • I have an IsaDora eyeshadow palette that is virtually impossible to open. It’s absolutely necessary to keep something flat and hard at hand to use as a lever. How am I supposed to get to my pretty eyeshadows?
  • In complete contrast I recently bought a Benefit eyeshadow with a pot that doesn’t click shut. I do like my eyeshadows to stay closed when I’m not using them :-P

What I’d really like to see is more modular make-up. I want to be able to choose the wand when I buy mascara or the brush when I buy nail polish. I want to buy shadow and blush refills, I want lip gloss in tubes with an optional brush or doe foot applicator in the cap. How about selling pretty and sturdy mascara tube covers to be used with flimsy refills, meaning less trash?

At least nail polish bottles are pretty hard to misdesign. But I still haven’t found a single brand with the perfect bottle/brush/cap combination.Orly Lemonade bottle

  • I love Orly’s cap design: The rubbery surface and concave shape means it’s practically impossible for it to slip out of you fingers and the shimmery grey colour is just so sleek. 


Eyeko Coral bottle

Konad Princess Psyche Pink bottle

  • When it comes to bottle shape I prefer something like the Konad Princess polishes or Eyeko’s new bottles. Either a tapered or very slender shape, because it’s just so annoying when the brush barely touches the surface of the last dregs of polish and you calculate the at least a tenth of the polish remains unreachable.

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure bottle

  • The brush itself should be flat and the tip rounded, in my opinion. I can get good results with round brushes, too, but when I apply a Sally Hansen complete salon manicure polish I rarely need to do any clean-up and get less streaks.



So far the best I’ve seen is the aforementioned Sally Hansen complete salon manicure bottle, the brush is excellent, the bottom of the polish reservoir is rather narrow and the cap has a rubbery band. Go Sally Hansen.

What are your favourite polish bottles and what would you like to see in regards to cosmetics packaging?

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