Thursday, August 5, 2010

Swatches - 17

I still have a couple of swatches coming up from back when I won some shinies at Sara’s giveaway, I’m so behind on my swatching. ;-)
These two polishes got me really excited, the colours are fab and I hadn’t tried any 17 polishes. As usual, the first image shows the polish in two coats without top coat and the second photo shows it in three coats with top coat.

17 Lasting Fix Toasted Almond

Toasted Almond is a shimmery bronzey beige polish with lots of holo microglitter. I rarely find beige nail polish that suits me, but I really like the way Toasted Almond looks. It’s moderately opaque, three coats will cover the nail line.
This polish applied very nicely, the soft flat brush is fairly short, but covers the nail quickly and neatly. The only issue I had with Toasted Almond was the strong tendency to show brush marks.


17 Fast Finish Peacock

Peacock really deserves its name, the teal-y base is densely packed with greenish shimmer. It also contains holo microglitter, but it’s more subtle than in Toasted Almond. Peacock is opaque in three coats as well.
Despite some streakiness at first, Peacock applies well. Like before, the brush is lovely to work with and easy to control. Even the brush marks can’t dent my love for this polish.


I was really impressed with these two polishes. If you live in the UK, check them out at Boots.

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