Sunday, August 1, 2010

Swatches – Orly Uptown Girl

Why hadn’t I used any of these polishes yet? Probably because I kept them in a special drawer in the packaging. I never remember to use separately stored polishes.
What I really love about Orly’s miniature polishes is that the brush is exactly the same supple, easy to control round ones as in their full-sized bottles. Go Orly!
Except for Sheer Nude, all polishes were gorgeously opaque, so all are swatched in two coats with top coat. Only Sheer Nude is swatched in two coats without top coat and in three coats with top coat.

Orly Ruby

Rather than a clear cool ruby red, this crème polish is the colour of dried blood, a rich brownish shade of red. How can this be so warm on the nail, but stain the cotton pads bright pink upon removal? My bottle wasn’t fully closed and had leaked a bit, so I had to add quite a bit of thinner to that gloop. Ruby is a lovely opaque polish, I only needed two coats for a pretty finish.
The application was fairly smooth and easy, the only tricky bit is to properly apply both coats, so the edges don’t look pinky-red. Clean-up is a real pain too, by the way. I wouldn’t buy the full-sized bottle, as I don’t care much for red polish, but Ruby’s definitely of the good. ;-)

Orly Velvet Rope

Velvet Rope is an amazing jewel-toned purple, slightly metallic with a smattering of silvery sparkle. This is a two-coater, but if you’re in a hurry you could get away with one thick coat.
The first coat can be a bit streaky, if applied very thinly, but the second coat is smooth, even and shows only the most subtle of brush marks. Love! As usual with purples, the camera ate parts of the red/purple and left the polish looking blue. Boo.

Orly Sheer Nude

As the name suggests, Sheer Nude is a sheer pinkish beige crème polish. I don’t find the colour very flattering, sheer beige always makes the tips look stained, in my opinion. A sheer white or pale pink with a light blue iridescence is much prettier. The opacity is very low, as it should be.
Sadly, I found the formula lacking, the polish applied easily enough, but it did stay very streaky. Even the third coat was irregular, which almost negates the point of the polish being supposed to be sheer.


Orly Witch’s Blue

This is one shiny polish! Witch’s Blue is a metallic navy blue packed with silvery blue shimmer and microglitter ranging from blue to magenta. The latter is fairly subtle, though. This is another of this set’s nicely opaque polishes and only needs two coats.
Witch’s Blue applies smoothly and evenly. It levels out beautifully and barely shows any brush marks. Highly recommended!

Overall I think that Uptown Girl is a lovely set of polishes. Ruby and Sheer Nude are classic colours, even though I won’t wear them often. For me Witch’s Blue and Velvet Rope are the winners, they apply beautifully and, unlike most shimmery polishes, they’re almost free of brush marks. Uptown Girl is quite versatile with two colours for work and two for play, or two for tips and two for toes.

And as a bonus pic: Hidden Treasure over Velvet Rope:

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