Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two Blueish Swatches

After some nail mishaps involving silk and too runny glue I really wasn’t in the mood to do a proper manicure tonight, so I’ll show you a couple of polishes I randomly picked up some time ago.
As usual, the first photo shows the polish in two coats without top coat, the second one in three coats with top coat.

essence colour&go 24 underwater

underwater is a shimmery bright blue polish, while the base is a rather greenish blue, the electric blue shimmer turns it into a vivid, almost turquoise blue. The opacity is not thrilling, three coats still leaves a VNL at some angles.
I found underwater easy to apply evenly. The flat brush allows for a quick application. Like most shimmers, underwater shows brush marks quite badly.


IQ NailSensation 18 Petrol

Petrol doesn’t live up to its name, even though it is gorgeous. It’s a blue polish barely on the edge of teal with the merest hints of green and silvery blue shimmer. Petrol is mostly opaque in two coats and perfect in three.
Considering that IQ is supposed to be BIPA’s ‘professional’ brand, the round brush was very hard to control and generally sucked. Despite that the polish applied relatively even and with relatively few brush marks. The colour makes up for the finicky application, otherwise I wouldn’t put up with Petrol.
I got this one on sale, I believe they completely revamped the IQ line or at least repackaged everything. I still saw some of these polishes recently at my local BIPA, in case anyone's interested.

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