Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NotD - Cackling and Cracking

Some time ago I was IMing with my best friend T, who’s currently residing in the frozen wastelands of Lapland, and she – apparently randomly – started laughing maniacally Evil Overlord-style. She hinted that it might have something to do with the post office and repeated the muahaha-ing at irregular intervals.
Then at last I got an envelope in the mail today with a rather cute and typical (for T) message and a couple of bottles of IsaDora nail polish.

This is what I used:

  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strength
  • IsaDora Wonder Nail 88 French Rose (which is a sheer off-white, really)
  • IsaDora Graffiti Nail Top 806 Subway Green (she knows me so well)
  • Seche Vite

I won’t go deeply into application, except to say that both IsaDora polishes applied very well.
The instructions found on a little cardboard thingamajig stuck over the Graffiti Nail Top’s cap say to apply the Wonder Nail polish, wait for four minutes and then apply the Graffiti Top. Within thirty seconds the polish should be cracked.
Because the off-white polish was rather sheer I applied three coats with a coat of Seche Vite after the second one (I wasn’t sure how the cracked polish would react to top coat, so I wanted to harden the polish before I started that bit). Then followed aforementioned instructions. The cracking started by the time I had painted the next nail and when the first hand was finished the first nail was dry and the green bits quite matte. Thankfully the cracked polish played well with Seche Vite, it took two coats to get a relatively smooth surface.

Here’s the result without and with top coat:


My tips:

  • Apply the Graffiti Nail Top swiftly, the polish dries so quickly that overlapping strokes can cause lumps as it pulls away the semi-dry first stroke.
  • Don’t worry about getting an even coat, it’s impossible and you can’t see a difference once the layer cracks.
  • Thin coats will result in thin cracks and small bits of polish, thick coats will cause bold cracks and larger chunks of polish. I like both effects, but take a look at the comparison photo of my pinky nails below. You can see how different the colour looks, too.

Thank you, T! I’ll have to try if it works over other polishes, too.

Have you ever worn cracked nail polish?

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