Thursday, September 2, 2010

Swatch – Colorama vibrant fuchsia

As my current manicure remains perfect (I haven’t even started picking at the rhinestones) I have a swatch for you today.

Maybelline Colorama glossy nail color 64 vibrant fuchsia

vibrant fuchsia is, as the name suggests, a bright fashion fuchsia with fine purple-ish shimmer and a blue flash. Somehow I seem to have accumulated a number of very similar polishes over the years (before I found religion green polish). Two coats are mostly opaque, but I found the colour to have more depth after a third coat.
Like most Colorama polishes, in my experience, vibrant fuchsia applies smoothly and evenly, it does show brush marks, though. The rather big round brush allows for a quick and clean application.
As a general rule I highly recommend Colorama polishes, as they tend to be relatively cheap (for European standards) and of consistently good quality. And vibrant fuchsia does not disappoint.

This is vibrant fuchsia in two coats without top coat:

And here is vibrant fuchsia in three coats with Seche Vite:

What is your favourite Maybelline Colorama polish (and feel free to add a swatch link)?

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