Sunday, September 19, 2010

Swatches – MNY I Am a SunDiva

I was quite surprised when my hands reached out and grabbed the three polished from MNY’s current I Am a SunDiva collection, as these are shimmery pinkish/coralish/orangey shaded. They are very pretty, but most folks with a larger polish collection will probably own something similar already. Except maybe one of the colours.

MNY I Am A SunDiva 

All three polishes apply smoothly and quite evenly. Three coats are absolutely needed for an even finish, but a minimum of four coats are necessary for full opacity. The brushes are soft and flat with a straight tip, I’m guessing that the bristles are the same as in the Maybelline Colorama polishes.
As usual you’ll see two images per colour, one in two coats without top coat and one in three coats with top coat.

MNY 203A

203A is a muted warm pink densely packed with fine golden glitter, which is evenly dispersed on the nail. It looks almost like a pastel in the bottle, but dries to a more vibrant shade.
Though the colour is lovely, it doesn’t look good next to pink or reddened skin, in my opinion. Due to heavy swatching my middle finger and pointer were slightly red around the nail, so take a look and decide for yourselves.

MNY 204A

This colour is pretty much ubiquitous, a shimmery metallic golden orange. It shows a lot of brush marks, as you can expect with most metallic polishes. I find that this kind of shade looks best next to tanned or darker skin, but if you love it, wear it with confidence.
An amusing trait of metallics shows up well on these images. 204A looks quite opaque, doesn’t it? But when you look at the pinky nail, which – due to the finger’s shortness – is always held at a different angle, you can see that it’s really quite sheer. Take care when looking at swatches, the metallic and shimmer polishes might not be as opaque as they seem!


MNY 205A

This one is the only I Am a SunDiva polish that feels different. 205A is reddish coral base with golden shimmer (but with barely any brush marks). I probably have half a dozen lip glosses in a similar colour, but not a single nail polish, other than this.
If you only want one polish from this collection, get this one. It’s gorgeous and more unusual than the other two shades. Ignore the funky index finger in the second image, please!

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