Sunday, October 3, 2010

NotD – Powerpuff! Villain-Flavour

After Silhouettex, or SilhouetteScreams (visit her blog for awesome bright EotDs and more) mentioned that she really would have liked to have seen Mojo Jojo in my original PPG post, guess what I had to do. Indeed, a villainous version the Powerpuff Girls mani. And they’re much harder to paint!

Again, due to mostly mixed colours I’m not going to list everything I used.

I started with Rimmel 60 seconds 805 Grey Matter as my base colour. It’s a clear, but not too stark, lightish mid-grey with one of the most awesome names ever (let’s ignore the fact that brainz only turn grey when pickled, erm… preserved with formalin). Grey Matter is opaque in two smooth coats. Please note that this polish dries quite a bit darker than the bottle colour.
This polish has amazing levelling powers and applies beautifully, partly due to Rimmel’s Xpress Brush, which is flat and wide with a rounded tip. Absolutely recommended.

This is Grey Matter in two coats without top coat:

And this is Grey Matter in three coats with Seche Vite:

And then it was time again to grab the dotting tools, to mix polishes and to paint like a maniac while watching more Powerpuff Girls. I hope you’ll recognise Sedusa (with her rather agile hair), Him (who appears to be Satan’s and Santa’s crossdressing lovechild), Mojo Jojo (One shall be the number of Mojo Jojos in the world, and the number of Mojo Jojos in the world shall be one.), and Fuzzy Lumpkins (Git offa mah property!). Why, oh why did Mojo Jojo have to get smudged? And am I the only one who actually thinks ‘Moooojo Jojo’ like he always calls himself?

Yeah, and you really don’t want to see the big, creepy Powerpuff eyeballs on my right hand… I gotta work on my sinisterity (which is a word that should exist. ‘dexterity’ is sideist.) So, who’s your favourite PPG character (I may do more PPG mani’s as I still have a few seasons to watch)? I’m torn and love both Buttercup and Bubbles.

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