Sunday, October 10, 2010

Swatch – IsaDora Go Green

Are you sick of green nail polish? I hope not, because here’s another one.

IsaDora Wonder Nail 648 Go Green

Go Green is another of my beloved crayon-y crème polishes, an intense clear mid-green. It may not be subtle, but I find it utterly wearable. Though I suppose most people would disagree. It’s not very opaque, three coats still leave the free tip quite noticeable.
Go Green applied beautifully, it was incredibly even and anyone not bothered by VNL could wear a single coat. I do, however, feel the brush is a tad too wide. I had no problems, but anyone with narrow nail beds will find it hard to work with. For full opacity I’d recommend a white or nude base with two coats of Go Green, otherwise you’d need five coats.

Here’s Go Green in two coats without top coat:

And here’s Go Green in three coats with top coat:

In a related matter: You’ve probably seen European polish bloggers rant about how expensive nail polish is. This is absolutely true. At the same time the bottles of our local brands tend to be smaller. Most American brands sell .5 oz (~14.8 ml) or .33 oz (~9.8 ml), most European ones seem to hover between 6 and 8 ml. For the record, this IsaDora bottle contains 6 ml of polish and was quite expensive, so I probably won’t purchase more colours unless there’s one that’s truly special.

I’m thinking about doing random general polish brand reviews whenever my manicure lasts unusually long, would you be interested in reading something like that?


Rajib Hossain said...

in love with
marble too! the basket-weave floor is on my list of favs.

Green Onyx

sordar joy said...

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blogs like this one.

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