Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NotD – Elemental Awkwardness

Don't you just love saying and writing ‘awkward?’ It’s one of those amazing words that perfectly fit their meaning in pronunciation and spelling. But that’s not the theme of today’s nail art. It just refers to my ugly patched nail that looks rather strange, like I stuck a couple of false nails on top of my natural one. Not flattering and I was tempted to just hide it, but hey, we all have sucky nails once in a while, right?
The real theme is the ‘elemental’ bit. You see, I’ve been watching my way through Avatar: The Last Airbender recently (by the way, though I still prefer the original English in general, the German dub is excellent and I actually prefer Toph’s German voice). So I grabbed a box o’polish and did a few random designs based on the four elements.
So here they are, without listing the polishes used, ‘cause I’m not going to put arrows to show which are which anyway. ;-)

Right hand (with its stupid nubbins and display of my lack of ambidexterity):

Left hand (with its clunky patched nail, which also provoked my sis into asking what that weird Windows-y thing was):

I have to say, the only nails I’m really happy with are the Water and Fire ones.

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